We are an insurance agency in Somerset, Kentucky, specializing in group employee benefits, individual insurance policies and life insurance,, Medicare supplements, and life insurance. With over 30 years of experience, Bill Neikirk has developed a strong relationship with all carriers available in Kentucky. But more importantly, he has developed strong relationships with clients in Somerset and across central Kentucky. Our clients depend on us to help them navigate today’s healthcare market. We are there to answer your questions, solve your problems and help you find the best coverage for your employees, your family, and yourself.


How We Can Help

William R. Neikirk has been in the insurance industry since 1981. Over this time, he has developed strong relationships with decision makers at all major insurance companies that do business in Kentucky. We write all our business directly through each company, not through a third party. This affects you, the client, in several ways:

  1.  We are able to negotiate directly with the renewing company and attempt to get you lower renewals. The company may not always agree to lower the rates but I have the connections to ask the people who make those decisions.
  2.  If anyone on your policy has a problem with their coverage or claims, we will contact a dedicated account specialist from that company to resolve the issue better and faster. We do not call a random hotline number. We talk to these people every day and are usually able to get answers to questions fairly quickly.
  3. We start the renewal process 3-4 months ahead of your renewal date so that you don’t have to make a last-minute decision about changes to your coverages. As soon as we have your renewal, you will have it. Often, we don’t wait for the current carrier to send it before we start looking at other options for your business. We work for you, not the insurance company.
  4. We are a local business. Our office is located on Clifty Road here in Somerset. If you need me, I can be contacted 24/7 at (606)219-0150. We represent many local businesses who can tell you the level of service they receive from our office.
  5.  We have a dedicated staff. It is our job to take care of your insurance needs, so if you have a question, call us. We will find out the answer.
  6. We handle all new hires, terminations, changes and COBRA notifications, so you don’t have to.

If your employees have a claim, we want them to contact us, so we can check and see what they really owe. This removes the burden from the employee having to call into an 800 number at the insurance company and sitting on hold trying to get an answer.

Contact Info

Neikirk Insurance

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Phone # : (606) 679-4589

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Cell phone # :  (606)219-0150

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